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The most important events of 2017

Antiques Market: on the 3rd Sunday of each Month.
The 3rd Sunday of January in Costeggiola, a little village not far from Soave, takes place the feast of Saint Antonio Abate with the traditional “Sagra dei Rufioi”. The “Rufioi” are traditional handmade cookies.
The 3rd Sunday of January “La Montefortiana attraversa Soave”: runner race in the land of Soave white wine with more than 20.000 Italian and European participants.
On the 28th February: “The Agriculture Fair”. A fair created to show a panorama of the agricultural sector.  
The 2nd Sunday of March, 13th March: “Camera Soave”. International exhibition of photo collections which takes place at the Palazzo del Capitano.
The last Sunday of april "Soave Bolca". A 33 km runner race which starts from Soave to Bolca, a famous town in the regional park Lessinia.
The 3rd Sunday of May, from 19th to 21th May: “Medieval White Wine Festival”. On Sunday morning takes place the investiture of the “Castellane”, the ladies of the wine. During the feast the visitor can return back to the medieval time and discover the ancient works and the market, medieval riders and games, flag flyer and more.
On Saturday 28th May: “Soave Bike”. Mountain Bike tour along the Soave Wine Route.
On Saturday 4 th July, 23th May: “Mineral Exhibition at the palace of the captain.
On the 11th and 12th July: “L’Amore di Silvia”. A night dedicated to poetry and poems about love at Parco Zanella.
On May, June, July and August: “Aperitivo Musicale”. Musical aperitif at Parco Zanella with local bands, singers and more.
On Saturday 24th June: “Rassegna Internazionale di Canto Corale”. “The international Choral Festival” organized by the local Choral Group “Coro Città di Soave”.
In July: "Soave Festival“. Theater and more in the city center.
Each Thursdays of July and August: “Cinema all’aperto”. Cinema at Parco Zanella.
The 2nd Sunday of July, 9th July: “Camera Soave Estate” and “Glamour Soave”, an exhibition of antique and modern photo and glamour workshop open-air.
In July, from 14th to 17st July, in the little village of Castelcerino, near Soave, takes place the traditional “Sagra di Santa Maria Maddalena”, a feast dedicated to Saint Marie Magdalena.
In August, from 24st to 28d August, in the little village of Fittà near Soave takes place the traditional “Sagra di San Vincenzo Ferreri”.
The last Friday of August, 25th August: “Enotturna”. It’s a runner race, which takes place in the evening and night inside the ancient walls of Soave.
On 10th September “Antico Palio di San Lorenzo”: in the city center of Soave the local people compete for winning the palio.
The 3rd weekend of September, from 15th to 17th September: “Festa dell’Uva”. “The Grape Festival” was born in 1929 and it’s the first of this typology in Italy. A lot of cultural and folkloristic events characterized the Feast of the Garganega Grapes, Queen and Treasure of Soave.
On 16th December: “Natale delle Associazioni”. Christmas together with voluntary organizations.
On 23rd and 26th December: “Note di Natale”. A traditional Christmas concert organized by the Brass Band of Soave“Mons. Lodovico Aldrighetti”. The event takes place at the Borgo Rocca Sveva’s Auditorium.  
From the 3rd Sunday in December 2017 to the 3rd Sunday of January 2018: “Natale a Soave”. Many cultural and folkloristic events and exhibitions of cribs are set up in all churches and monuments of the city and in the churches around Soave.
On Tuesday 6th January 2018: “Epiphany with Elderly”.
On 6th January 2018: “Femo su el Mas-cio”. People can discover again the traditional pork processing under the medieval door Verona.